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Miller Genuine Draft – MGD.com

This microsite project was brought to me while at Transistor Studios, in 2006, for Miller Genuine Draft by Young+Rubicam.  Y+R was just about to kickoff their “Experience is Golden” campaign and were hard pressed to get Miller’s interactive agency to play along.

So with less than a month to concept, pitch, design and build this site I called on the crew over at Bad Assembly to help us realize this project.  The first phase was a very polished brochure site that featured the look and feel of Y+R’s campaign and could be done in the short timeline.  The second phase included the “Director’s Chair” application, which utilized public domain kung-fu movie footage, killer sound effects and music samples, and some amazing flash work by the BA crew.

This project was one of my most satisfying projects in recent years.  I have to give the team a lot of credit for pulling this project off without a hitch.  It came in, under an extremely compressed schedule, on time and on budget and was beautiful and entertaining site.

More Video

Director’s Chair Application In Action:



Design and Flash Animation: BadAssembly
Age Gate Programming: Pinacol
Project Manager: Alicia Cervini

Portfolio Update – Transistor Studios

Just got my choice picks of the web/dvd projects done while at Transistor Studios.  Up next – the couple of brand identities I did while at Transistor, and my favorite freelance and Ripe Digital projects.

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U.S.A.F. – WhatAmIGonnaDoNext.com

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This site was GSD&M’s first foray into using the web for it’s annual direct response recruitment efforts for the Air Force.  The project was a collaborative effort between the team at Transistor Studios and the creative team at GSD&M.

We conceptualized and created a hand-wrought, lo-fi interface that presented a variety of thematic career choices for users.  For a very unassuming site, from a content standpoint, the complexity of the different paths was daunting. Traditional user experience architecture wasn’t really built for that kind of logic.  The users were invited to immerse themselves to explore their options, from the humorous to 21st century tech, they were able to discover on their own terms.  By integrating humor and clever interactivity, users could discover the variety of opportunities at the USAF without the feeling there were being pressured.

As a result of this open approach, the conversion rates were extremely high (over 4% at it’s peak) and the site was featured in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual 12 and won a FWA Site of the Day.



Art Direction: James Price (Transistor); Sean Keith (GSD&M)
Copywriting: Chris Staub (GSD&M)
Design: Chandler Owen
Flash Programming: Shant Parseghian
Sound Design: Keith Rugerrio
Animation: Alex Zakari

Sea-Doo – SeaDooFilms.com

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Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

Client: Bombardier Recreational Products

Project: Website and DVD for “Sea-Doo Films”

This project was a collaborative project with Cramer-Krasselt, their client Sea-Doo, and Transistor’s parent company Backyard productions. For Transistor’s contribution we designed and developed a true streaming video flash website, related banners, and the subsequent DVD for dealerships for the Sea-Doo Films campaign.

Serving as the primary advertising effort for the model year, getting customers into dealerships was the top priority.  We built a dynamically interactive interface, using the best of Flash animation and video technology, that was representative of the quality technology of the product itself.   We based the website on a user experience strategy to funnel visitors from the original short films featuring the product, to the product information itself, followed by a strong call to action to visit a dealership.

The result translated directly to sales.  The model year well exceeded Sea-Doo’s established sales goals, representing a major rebound after several years of negative sales growth.



Art Direction: Nessim Higson
Flash Programming: Brandon Savoy
Project Manager: Alicia Cervini
Sound Design: Somatone

Tao – TaoLife.com

Main Page

Click to see archived version of site (sound might be a bit loud)

Agency: The Hauser Group
Client: Giant International
Project: Website for Tao Consumer Product launch



Site Design: Peter Reid
Flash Development/Animation: Even DeHaven
Sound Design: Somatone
Motion Graphics Video: Justin Harder

Kikkoman – YourTeriyaki.com

Flying fish

Click to see current version of site (now has simplified navigation and no video)

Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding
Client: Kikkoman
Project: Recipe website for the everyone’s favorite Soy Sauce



Flash Development: Pinacol, Tri Nguyen, Shant Parseghian
Flash Animation: Ken Macy
HTML Email/Database Development: Pinacol
Sound Design: Somatone

MTV Hits – My Hit List Month


Click to see an archived version of the site.

Client: MTV Hits
Project: Part of a broadcast campaign to solicit video hit lists from the viewing audience.



Art Direction: James Price
Design/HTML /Database Development: Pinacol