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U.S.A.F. – WhatAmIGonnaDoNext.com

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This site was GSD&M’s first foray into using the web for it’s annual direct response recruitment efforts for the Air Force.  The project was a collaborative effort between the team at Transistor Studios and the creative team at GSD&M.

We conceptualized and created a hand-wrought, lo-fi interface that presented a variety of thematic career choices for users.  For a very unassuming site, from a content standpoint, the complexity of the different paths was daunting. Traditional user experience architecture wasn’t really built for that kind of logic.  The users were invited to immerse themselves to explore their options, from the humorous to 21st century tech, they were able to discover on their own terms.  By integrating humor and clever interactivity, users could discover the variety of opportunities at the USAF without the feeling there were being pressured.

As a result of this open approach, the conversion rates were extremely high (over 4% at it’s peak) and the site was featured in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual 12 and won a FWA Site of the Day.



Art Direction: James Price (Transistor); Sean Keith (GSD&M)
Copywriting: Chris Staub (GSD&M)
Design: Chandler Owen
Flash Programming: Shant Parseghian
Sound Design: Keith Rugerrio
Animation: Alex Zakari