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Cinemax – Strike Back: Interactive Video Wall Billboard

Agency: BLT & Associates

Client: Cinemax

Project: “Strike Back” Interactive Video Wall Billboard

It’s been nearly a year to the day since I’ve posted work to my site. It’s been a busy year, having delivered on literally dozens of campaigns while at BLT. This most recent launch, warrants an immediate post. A collaborative effort with multiple departments at BLT and with our production and technology partners, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all who helped make this a reality. It’s up through the month of August and I encourage anyone who’s in NYC to check it out while they can.

This past Saturday, August 6th Cinemax revealed a massive interactive billboard in New York to promote its first primetime original series STRIKE BACK. Housed at 225 West 34th Street, the scopic wallscape will run 24-hours a day and feature gritty key art and interactive content across eighteen 46” screens. Below are a few more details on the installation:

• The SuperWall gives consumers a massive visual experience by playing large-scale video across all eighteen screens at once.

• Armed with a set of cameras, the SuperWall captures movement and reacts to pedestrians as they walk by.

• Split among four interactive stations, the SuperWall allows users to interact and engage with the wallʼs digital mainframe to learn more about the organization, its major players, its missions, and to even enlist in S20.

Never before have large-scale video playback, reactivity, and interactivity been combined into one experience. A revolutionary piece that evokes pseudo military intelligence, the SuperWall is the perfect entry point into the world of STRIKE BACK.


Concept, Creative Direction, Design: Erik Reponen
Interactive Art Director: Greg Jardin
Interactive Lead Designer: Alex Ogle
Print Lead Designer: Joyce Lai
Motion Graphics Design and Animation: Tom Kositchotitana
PHP Development and MMS Integration: Lou Rodriguez
Account Management: Jenny Wall
Account Coordinator: Ashleigh Lew
Production Partner: Apologue, Inc.
Software development, System Design, Technology integration: Audio, Video & Controls, Inc.