WRX Nation – Branded Entertainment and Social Network

Client: Carmichael Lynch for Subaru

Project: Strategy, Art Direction and Design – Octane TV Integrated Campaign for Subaru’s WRX brand.  Features include: Original Content; Aggregated Video Collection; Customized Enthusiast Social Network built on Kick Apps

This project all started when I was contacted by our sales department to develop an interactive component for a brand integration content campaign on our Octane TV network to engage to Subaru’s enthusiast market.  Collaborating with our internal sales and programming teams, Subaru of America’s (SOA) marketing team, and Carmichael Lynch’s account and creative teams I developed a two-pronged approach.

The first component was a channel of original and aggregated content that would reside on the main Octane website.  For the channel itself, we created a unique logo and related imagery that would stand on it’s own as a sub-brand of the Octane network incorporating the WRX brand – Subaru’s enthusiast focused brand.  From this creative direction we also developed a 3D based, motion graphics opener for the original content that highlighted the core selling points for the newly updated vehicle.

The second component is a user generated content focused website, utilizing the KickApps platform, that would serve as central platform for our enthusiast audience to engage with each other around the WRX brand.  To promote the property, we created platform based widgets that would be placed on the main Octane website and on other enthusiast sites.

Recently established, this platform will be the primary location for a wide range of contests and sweepstakes ideas we have developed to be launched in subsequent quarters.  These contests will serve as the main traffic driver to help Subaru build a long-term enthusiast marketing presence online.

SOA is so pleased with the product they are possibly looking ahead to expand the property to include the full range of vehicles and their audience.




Logo and Opening Animation: Ricardo Castro

Social Network Development: KickApps