Ripe Digital Entertainment – Corporate Brand Identity Overhaul

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Since I started working at RDE, I had been dying to re-do the corporate I.D. (click to visit website)

Client: Ripe Digital Entertainment

Project: Creative Direction and Design for Ripe Digital Entertainment Brand ID, Website and Print Collateral

Upon my arrival at Ripe Digital Entertainment (RDE), I had made it a personal goal to redo the brand identity and collateral.  The poorly executed logotype, production value of the collateral, and the website’s usability and clutter had become a source of embarrassment.  Considering the original “paisley” logo was based on a brand naming/identity I had done for a holdings company (same owners) I was personally vested in this identity, and was not happy with where it had been taken since.

Working the former VP of Marketing, I developed a creative brief that outlined the primary challenges, requirements, audience, and messaging for the new identity.  Once we had the foundation for the thinking behind this effort, I called on long-time collaborator Dan Benderly to help make it a reality.  Starting with a broad range of comps, we worked with the CEO to focus in on a logo direction that ultimately would work.  From there we executed on the creative for the print advertising, website, business cards, buck slips, folders, etc.

I could not have been more pleased with the final result.  The “Before” and “After” examples speak for themselves.



Designer: Special thanks to designer extraordinaire Dan Benderly, without whom this could not have turned out so well

Development: Pinacol and their Blazonco platform