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Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

Client: Bombardier Recreational Products

Project: Website and DVD for “Sea-Doo Films”

This project was a collaborative project with Cramer-Krasselt, their client Sea-Doo, and Transistor’s parent company Backyard productions. For Transistor’s contribution we designed and developed a true streaming video flash website, related banners, and the subsequent DVD for dealerships for the Sea-Doo Films campaign.

Serving as the primary advertising effort for the model year, getting customers into dealerships was the top priority.  We built a dynamically interactive interface, using the best of Flash animation and video technology, that was representative of the quality technology of the product itself.   We based the website on a user experience strategy to funnel visitors from the original short films featuring the product, to the product information itself, followed by a strong call to action to visit a dealership.

The result translated directly to sales.  The model year well exceeded Sea-Doo’s established sales goals, representing a major rebound after several years of negative sales growth.



Art Direction: Nessim Higson
Flash Programming: Brandon Savoy
Project Manager: Alicia Cervini
Sound Design: Somatone