Miller Genuine Draft –

This microsite project was brought to me while at Transistor Studios, in 2006, for Miller Genuine Draft by Young+Rubicam.  Y+R was just about to kickoff their “Experience is Golden” campaign and were hard pressed to get Miller’s interactive agency to play along.

So with less than a month to concept, pitch, design and build this site I called on the crew over at Bad Assembly to help us realize this project.  The first phase was a very polished brochure site that featured the look and feel of Y+R’s campaign and could be done in the short timeline.  The second phase included the “Director’s Chair” application, which utilized public domain kung-fu movie footage, killer sound effects and music samples, and some amazing flash work by the BA crew.

This project was one of my most satisfying projects in recent years.  I have to give the team a lot of credit for pulling this project off without a hitch.  It came in, under an extremely compressed schedule, on time and on budget and was beautiful and entertaining site.

More Video

Director’s Chair Application In Action:



Design and Flash Animation: BadAssembly
Age Gate Programming: Pinacol
Project Manager: Alicia Cervini