Flow TV ’08 – Website Redesign


Hip-Hop Lifestyle On Demand

Client: Ripe Digital
Project: Art Direction and Design for Flow.tv – Hip-hop Lifestyle Video Website

Six month’s after my arrival at Ripe Digital Entertainment (RDE) the company was ready to launch a new hip-hop lifestyle network, internally referred to at the time as Hustle TV.  Prior to the launch of the network, I brought to the attention of executive management the need for authenticity if the network was to succeed with the intended audience.

Working with a select few from the graffiti hip-hop community I knew from freelancing for the underground brand “7th letter,” I was able to build a compelling short list of names for the new network that better resonated with the audience.  Ultimately it was the network spokesperson, Ghostface Killah, who sold it through for me by pointing out that those without talent have to hustle, and at the end of the day, “It’s all about your flow!”

Following the finalization of the name I collaborated with graffiti artist Eklips-One, founder of 7th Letter to develop a logo that would work for all uses and maintained the authenticity we had to have.

From this brand naming and identity, a multitude of projects were developed. Web applications, Print Advertsing, a t-shirt design that was featured in the Print Magazine Regional Design Annual, and ultimately the last version of the website. The lates version was a an excellent blend of bandwidth friendly graphics that could be customized on a per show basis and design elements, such as the billboard frame, that addressed the subject matter in a subtle way.

The network went on to be the most successful VOD property for RDE and was the primary vehicle for it’s lucrative annual ”Hip-Hop Live” tour with advertisers Dodge and Sony.